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Your Donation Changes Lives.


Housing Repairs

Food for Thought: Did you know MadCAAP's Housing Repair Program builds ADA-compliant wheelchair assistance ramps for our mobility-challenged clients? This allows our community to safely and efficiently gain access in and out of their homes.

On average, each year, MadCAAP performs repairs on 65 houses and builds 14 wheelchair ramps. To put that into perspective, it costs $500 to fund the build of one ramp construction fully. 

Your donations and community volunteers make all of the above possible. Consider donating or becoming a Hero of Hope.

"Hi. My name is John. You've probably seen me hanging around MadCAAP."


Well, I'm the Housing Director here at MadCAAP. You could also say that I oversee the Housing Repair Department, amongst many other things. That's just because in the non-profit sector people are multi-disciplined, so just think of me like a swiss army knife: I do several things very well.

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