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B.A.S.E. Camp

Afterschool Kids Program

what is b.a.s.e. camp?


ALL of B.A.S.E. Camp's activities are focused on Building Foundations for a Balanced Life. 

  • Body: Enjoy fun exercise routines, enjoy healthy snacks and meals, and learn about nutrition, hygiene, and substance awareness.

  • Academics: Receive homework support, ACT prep for high schoolers, and stimulate minds with games, crafts, and reading.

  • Spiritual: Explore Bible studies focused on loving God and others, accompanied by weekly memory verses.

  • Emotional: Foster friendships in age-similar groups, connect with caring mentors and express creativity through free play and imaginative games.


During-the-school-year activities

• Bible Study

• Tutoring

• Spiritual and physical fitness classes 

Summer Activities

• Vacation Bible School

Love for Lacey Art Camp
• Fun with Food Cooking Classes


MadCAAP's New Educational Annex Building



Would you like your child to participate in B.A.S.E. Camp?

B.A.S.E. Camp is a safe, fun, biblically based program where elementary kids train to become Bodily, Academically, Spiritually, and Emotionally fit (B.A.S.E.).

For volunteers

"Hi. My name is Katie. Don't be chicken. Volunteer!


Are you ready to make a difference? Since joining B.A.S.E. Camp, every day has been a rewarding new challenge for me. From guiding kids in their academic growth to fostering their physical and emotional well-being, it's an enriching journey that plants seeds of joy and purpose in my life and the lives of our young learners.

Photo Albums

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