about madcaap

MadCAAP's programs have continued to expand over the past 35 years as we seek to meet the immediate needs and foster hope in the lives of those we serve. MadCAAP has approximately 2,800 client families registered with us as living below the federally mandated poverty level in Madison County.  These client families receive services through our Food Pantry, Helping Hands Garden, New Attitudes Educational Classes, Clothing Closet, Housing Repair and Emergency Assistance programs.  Our "Back to School" and "Holiday Adopt a Child" programs provide for children whose parent has completed 12 hours of educational classes.  Additionally, we offer a Tutoring program, VBS, STEM projects, Project H.O.P.E. and provide 700 food boxes and frozen turkeys  at Thanksgiving.

We have experienced lots of changes in 2020 in the world and in our world at MadCAAP.  Covid 19 has required us to determine which services we can safely continue to provide at this point.  The Food Pantry and our Education Programs are essential, so a plan was devised to provide food box pick-up as "drive-through" and an online or packet pick-up for our adult classes.  Our Housing Repair and Emergency Assistance programs as well as our Helping Hands Garden are also operational with new protocols.  Your support is needed now more than ever.