MadCAAP is proud of our New Attitudes/Holiday Adopt a Child Program because it offers adults the opportunity to gain knowledge that will enable them to make better life choices while providing a happy Christmas for their children.  Many of these parents work but are only able to provide the necessities for their families; so they turn to MadCAAP for help at Christmas and  MadCAAP counts on individuals, businesses and churches to make Christmas merry for these children and teens.  Holiday Adopt a Child succeeds because parents are dedicated to gaining 12 hours of educational credit and because so many generous people “step-up” to insure that the children are not disappointed on Christmas morning. 

Children and Teens are available for adoption today.

Donate online or Contact Karen at to adopt a child or teen today.

Gifts must be at MadCAAP by December 15, 2018.

Number of Children