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Director’s Message

Director's Message

Dear Friends,

For those of us committed to overcoming the effects of poverty in our community, these are truly challenging times.   The thousands of clients that pass through our doors each year is ever changing.  As the economy changes, the reasons why an individual needs assistance is  also changing.  There are individuals with distinct and different backgrounds.  The impact of the economic downturn is devastating on the low-income community.  We are also experiencing middle income people without jobs and no prospect of one needing our services.  The faces of poverty are changing.

I owe a debt of gratitude to our donors for sharing MadCAAP’s vision of assisting those living in poverty and overcoming the effects of poverty for the individuals and families living in Madison County.  We have experienced record demands in the last 5 years, and our community has rallied to meet those demands.

Here at MadCAAP we are doing more than ever to address the needs of those living in poverty.  We will continue to meet the basic needs of the poverty community….hunger…..safe shelter…..clothing….and education. Today we’ve given 72 families boxes of groceries to help with hunger.  Today we will prepare for clothing distribution mid week.  Today we will install a wheelchair ramp for a disabled person not able to leave their home.  Today we will hold a class on basic budgeting skills for those with little to no income.  What have you done TODAY to help those in need? Please consider your continued support.  We need your help TODAY more than ever.

I thank you for supporting MadCAAP and caring for those less fortunate for those in Madison County.

With Kind Regards,

Karen Robison
Executive Director